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Ray Andrew, M.D.
Ray Andrew, M.D.

Springville Utah Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Ray Andrew, M.D. recalls a time in his residency training when he shadowed a doctor who regularly saw 60 patients a day. This doctor was professional, very intelligent, and likeable. Technically, his approach worked well for sore throats, rashes, broken bones, and high blood pressure. Each of these conditions is easily identified and treated with a drug or procedure.

What struck Dr. Andrew most about this experience was that patients were routinely ushered out with one or more prescriptions but without any idea what had just happened. Patient after patient left the exam room with the same bewildered look on their faces. In many cases they knew what their diagnosis was, but had no idea what caused it, what they were supposed to do about it, or how they could prevent it from recurring.

This and many other experiences, combined with his passion for true healing, have led Dr. Andrew to approach each patient as a partner, not a subject or a disease. Each patient is educated about what caused or may have caused his problem, and each patient is given options.

Because it is your body, you belong in the driver’s seat, not your doctor. Dr. Andrew makes recommendations, and you decide what you are able and willing to do to optimize your health. Some patients can only handle baby steps. Others want to jump in and revolutionize their health overnight. Most importantly, Dr. Andrew’s patients quickly discover that health is not a spectator sport. Everyone has to suit up, and Dr. Andrew’s office is not an auto shop.

Patients accustomed to the cookie-cutter and assembly line style of medical care will find they can’t drop their body off at the shop and return to find it “fixed”. Dr. Andrew provides the tools and teaches patients how to use them to “fix” their own cars, so to speak. In reality, there is really no other way. The illusion that drugs and surgery “fix” people is just that–an illusion. As a rule, drugs and surgery “manage” medical problems, not fix them. In the process, symptom relief is often traded for new problems in the future if not now. By contrast with traditional doctors, true healers recognize and honor the reality that only the body has the power to heal itself, given the right tools. Drugs and surgery are sometimes required, but only to buy time while other measures are implemented to effect the real healing.

Another feature that distinguishes Dr. Andrew from most American physicians is his ability to learn from patients. As a rule, doctors find it easy to learn from other doctors with multiple sets of initials behind their names, but patients didn’t go to medical school and can’t possibly teach doctors anything, let alone know what is going on in their own bodies. Dr. Andrew learned early in his career that the practice of medicine can be far more rewarding when the physician approaches the patient as both student and teacher. One day, for example, a patient told him she thought she had Candida, a systemic yeast infection. Armed with all the authority of his traditional medical education, Dr. Andrew informed her that she would be in an ICU fighting for her life if she had such an infection. Since that eye-opening day, however, Dr. Andrew has treated hundreds of men and women for yeast overgrowth with excellent results!

The impetus to attend numerous lectures, seminars, and conferences, and to visit the offices of experts throughout the country over the years, has often stemmed from patient problems he could not solve at the time, coupled with a voracious appetite for practical medical knowledge. His discovery of functional and anti-aging medicine — including bio-identical hormone replacement — was like pushing up a manhole cover and discovering a whole new world full of light. This has enabled patients from all over to benefit from an ever-increasing number of state-of-the-art services and treatments to further enhance their health.

Day after day, patients comment about how many physicians they have seen before finally finding Dr. Andrew and getting answers to their questions and help for their problems. Isn’t it time that you join them? In the process, you may even teach him a thing or two!

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